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WebSite Design & Promotion

We feature quality web design at an affordable cost. Our designs feature dynamic resizing to appear just as good on a phone or tablet as it does on a computer screen without the need to design two separate sites. We also have services that will promote your web site and get you visitors, and increased sales for your product or service. We also can design you an ecommerce site to get you to process credit cards with a shopping cart program.


We offer quality WebSite Design
and Internet Promotion at an affordable price!


WebSite Design Special


Every Day WebSite Design Special:

$699 for Basic Web Design One Time Fee

This covers the design of your website for up to 14 hours of design work. This will cover all but the most complicated of designs. Anything over 14 hours will be billable at the standard shop rate of $49/hr. Also included is a free domain search to come up with the best web address for your site. Design fees must be paid up front before design work begins.


WebSite Hosting Specials

Every Day WebSite Hosting Special:

$216/yr for Basic Web Hosting

This covers the hosting of your basic website for one year. This plan includes a secure certificate and a free custom domain name for one year. The hosting fee must be paid up front before the hosting begins. A credit card is needed to pay for the hosting and will be charged again after the year term is up so that your site does not lapse.

Every Day eCommerce WebSite Hosting:

$312/yr for eCommerce Hosting

This covers the hosting of your ecommerce website for one year. This plan includes a secure certificate and a free custom domain name for one year. Also included is a credit card handler and a shopping cart program. The hosting fee must be paid up front before the hosting begins. A credit card is needed to pay for the hosting and will be charged again after the year term is up so that your site does not lapse.


WebSite Promotion Specials

$49/hr for Basic Internet Promotion

Meta Keyword, Title & Description Optimization

We help you develop a list of keywords, descriptors and meta tags so people who search for those words will find you in the highest rankings in all the most popular internet search engines. Optimizing your entire website form the home page down to the lower pages is quite important.  Your placement of these keywords on your website is critical to your optimal ranking on Google and other top internet search engines.  You need to insure that your choice of keywords, title and description Meta tags is relevant and important to the content included in your pages.  The home page is the most important to carry your keywords over onto, they should be included in a prominent spot on your home page. The positioning is key to the presumed importance of the words or phrases.  The most important keywords are the ones that you think that people would search for to find you.  A prominent position on your page should be “above the fold.”  This is a reference to when newspapers were displayed folded up.  The most prominent news that was important for people to see was above the fold where people would view it.  This is the same for websites today, where the most important relative information should display at the top, before the viewer scrolls down the page. Please contact us.  We can help you with Meta keyword optimization, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.

Search  Engine Promotion  (SEP)

 We help you promote your website throughout the internet helping you get high google ranking, getting a google user profile in google maps, and google+ & other major internet search engines When you have a good quality website, you need to get it seen, by developing a high ranking in the search engines.   That way you can increase your businesses bottom line.  The way that you get your home page seen is to get onto Google and the other major internet search engines.  Creating a presence on Google search engine and all the other Google affiliates is important.  Creating a profile on Google Business, Google Maps, and Google+ is important first step.  Google is the most popular search engine and therefore it is most important to get a high ranking there.  However you should not overlook the other major internet search engines.  Bing, MSN, Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, Go, AOL are other major search engines are used by a certain amount of the population and are thus important as well.  Your site should be submitted to these sites as well.  Inclusion into these other sites will in turn help your Google rank.   Getting reciprocal links with sites that are related to the content on your site is an important way of building a high Google ranking.  Please contact us.  We can help you with search engine placement,
call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.

Search Engine Optimization  (SEO)

 We optimize your entire website with the keywords, meta tags and descriptors in mind to aid in bringing your website to more viewers browsers by being high on most popular search engines.Most people think that Google uses the traditional keyword, title and description tags to figure out your placement in its ranking.  That used to be the case years ago, but abuses of web designers in that area have put an end to that.  Unscrupulous web masters would insert keyword tags in their web pages that had nothing to do with the content in their sites, to make their page come up on searches that where popular but had absolutely nothing to do with the content that they provided.  Google became aware of this trend early on and decided to come up with other algorithms that where solely based upon their subject matter, rather then what they displayed in their Meta tags.  At this point Google bases their rankings on the words that are most relevant in the web site’s text and titles as well as relevant reciprocal links and hits.  This does not mean that title tags and description tags are not used in Google.  They are used to display your content and title to viewers when your page is displayed in their search results.  These keyword, title and description tags are still however used on some of the other top search engines to determine your ranking on those sites.  Title tags should be limited to between 50 and 60 characters because Google will not display on their search engine results beyond that point.  The description tag should also similarly be limited to between 150 and 160 characters because Google does not display beyond that.  Because of that the more relevant words should be closest to the beginning of the tag entry.  Please contact us.  We can help you with keyword, title and description insertion, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.

Search  Engine Marketing  (SEM)

We help you with an internet advertising campaign to boost your visibility in Google & in most popular internet search engine rankings. Often we can bring your site high in most search enginesWe help you gain a higher visibility on the internet using various advertising and promotional campaigns to bring your website into view by the masses.   The quickest, easiest, and most powerful way to get your website seen by more potential customers is to purchase a search engine marketing plan. There are many different strategies to get your site seen by more people.  There are pay for click strategies or pay for imprint strategies.  Pay for click strategies make you pay every time someone sees your site on a search engine and clicks through to your site.  These are some of the most popular plans because you only have to pay for the visitors who actually see your home page.  Please contact us.  We can help you with search engine placement in Google, and the other major internet search engine placement, we can help, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP. 

Primary &  Multiple Domain Name Aquisition

 We give you our expertise when it comes to assigning your website domain names or URLs, keeping in mind your name, what you do, & your area of work in getting URLs keeping your site ranked. Figuring out what domain names or URLs to purchase is key to getting your site seen.  It is important that you purchase your businesses name.  Do that before your competition does.  It would be very bad for your business if someone purchases your business name and used it to promote their own business.  Believe it or not this happens quite often.  For this reason you should also cover your businesses name in the dot com, dot org and other lesser domains. You don’t want your competition to get those either.  You should also purchase a domain name that would be a popular misspelling of your business name.  You can have multiple domain names all pointing to the same home page, or each domain can point to a different page in your site. Your main domain or URL should be a dot com name. Those are the most popular, and what your potential visitors will probably try by default.  Finding a quick, easy to remember and not easily misspelled domain name is also important and should not be overlooked.  Having a short, easy to remember URL will enable people to look at your URL on a sign, a truck or in a mass mailing and put that name in their browser when they get home.  We want people who are looking for your site to find you, we want people who are looking for what you do to find you as well.  The third type of visitor we want to your site is the people that find you that didn’t realize they needed you. Please contact us.  We can help you with domain name and URL aquisition, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.

Facebook & Other Social Media Tie In's

 Build your presence on the internet by attracting people to your site by placement on social media sites, facebook and twitter. We help you build a presence on yelp, angie's & craig's lists & others. It is important these days that your website is promoted through social media.  People use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to find out information and to keep in touch.  If you maintain a website you should also be looking to attract more visitors to your website.  The more people who see your site, the more business you can potentially do.  A professionally done website is not really done without tie ins to social media.  With social media, you can alert people to your goods and services that you offer.  You can tell them about specials that you offer, or entry to contests, or giveaways.  All this will help to drive traffic to your site and ultimately increase your business bottom line.  Social media content can also be used to get people talking about your business, specials or getting in on drawings.  Some people choose to have just a Facebook page for their business and they don’t consider creating a website. This is unfortunately only looking at half the picture.  Social media should always be used to send visitors to your door, in the case of the internet you should send them to your front page. Please contact us.  We can help you develop a presence on the social media, and tie your website into your social media accounts, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.

  Multimedia Promotional Campaigns

We assist in acquiring emails of your potential customers by getting info and building campaigns to get out promotional  messages with professional looking emails with text, pictures and buttons Website promotion is an important element in getting your page seen by more visitors and should not be overlooked.  Promotional campaigns can include many different types of medias.  Promotion can include social media campaigns, targeted email campaigns, as well as print ads and every door direct mailings.  Each campaign should include a compelling reason for people to visit your site.  These can include giveaways or drawing for prizes or raffling off of products or services.  Each promotion that you use can be utilized to acquire more email addresses.  You can then use these email addresses to create a list that can then be used to create a professional looking email campaign with text, pictures and carefully place buttons that can get people to return to your home page. Please contact us.  We can help you build a top-notch, professional looking  promotional campaigns across many different multimedia platforms, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.