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Background Activity Tips

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Read below for some important Computering TIPS on background computer activity!

Computers these days are faster and more powerful then ever before. With this raw computing power and abundance of relatively inexpensive ram, comes operating systems that want to run many many processes and applications in the background. Each process that runs in the background takes up resources. Each separate process only takes up a bit of processing power and ram space. The more of these apps and processes running in the background of your operating system, the less resources that are available for you to run the programs that you want to run. Now a few of these processes are needed, some provide browser and search capabilities as well as other important uses for your computer. And you need to be running an antivirus program in the background for your protection. But if you have a lot of these background processes running it can slow down your computer's performance. Your programs will take longer to load and update, your internet may slow down, and general computer performance will degrade. This will be more noticeable in machines with slower processors and less ram. You should use the msconfig utility on a regular basis to keep track of what programs are starting up in the background. with this utility you can uncheck any application that you don't want running when your computer starts up. In most cases you can start these programs when you need to use them instead of letting all of them start when your computer boots up. Many services are started up by your operating system by default. Many of these are never specifically needed and may be shut off with no negative effect on your computer function, but be careful when shutting down operating system services that you are unsure of If you need those services performed by a professional, we are available to help. Please call us today. …....or click here to ask your own question.

- Happy Computering from The Computer Doctor!