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Threat Protection Tips

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Read below for some important Computering TIPS on keeping your computer safe from internet threats!

Computers that have access to the internet are all vulnerable to threats, such as viruses, trojan horses, spyware, malware, rootkit hacks, browser exploits, data hijacks, and other attacks. Unscrupulous people design these attacks for any number of reasons, to make them money, provide inflated ratings to their website, and some do it just for the sake of vandalism. Most of these hackers are very smart. They are able to design these threats to confuse, or trick you into installing their exploits onto your computer. The only way of making sure that you don't get any of these malware applications is to have an air-gaped computer. An air-gaped computer is a machine that has never had access to the internet. For most of us, we like the privilege of being able to surf the internet, so the air-gaped computer is not a viable option. For businesses and some personal users, a good option would be to have a computer that contains important business files that is not connected to the internet, and other machines that do have access to the internet that don't contain your important data. A good defense against these attacks is a good offense. Always make sure your important user data is reliably backed up. Another good idea is to employ an adequate antivirus program. Always keep that program updated so that the application knows what to look for. New threats get identified all the time and your antivirus program needs to constantly be updated to find these new threats. Other than an air-gaped computer, no one can say with 100 percent certainty that a computer is free of all threats. We can only say that we used the best antivirus application on our computer, that we have ?updated with the most recent set of definitions and we didn't find anything. Keep in mind that the program you use to combat these threats should also be set to scan your complete system on a regular schedule. Also note that all antivirus programs are not equal. Call us today to ask for suggestions of good ones. …....or click here to ask your own question.

- Happy Computering from The Computer Doctor!