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Data Backup Tips

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Read below for some important Computering TIPS on keeping your data safe with backup tips!

The data stored on your computer, documents, pictures, videos, music, financial data and other personal files are vulnerable to loss if not backed up frequently and accurately. Some people don't realize this until it's too late. In our line of work we see it all the time. If just a little time was taken to insure that your data is safe, you would not be at risk for loosing even a single file. The realization is that your personal data is the most invaluable asset on your computer. If your hardware breaks or stops functioning, while it will cost money, it is always replaceable. Should your software quit working, it too can be replaced. Your pictures and other personal files in most cases can never be replaced. Your user data should be backed up routinely to avoid loss. Data should be backed up on a reliable drive, off of your machine. You should have your data on two different devices. The idea is that there is safety in redundancy. Should one device go bad, you have the other to restore all your data just as it was before the device crashed. After backing up your personal user files on your computer, you should always verify that the data that you just backed up is valid. This can be done by making sure all the backed up folders contain the same amount of files as the original. The final step is to do a spot check to insure your files are valid and working properly. If you feel that you cannot or are not willing to back up your data, please call us today, we can help. Be sure to contact us before you experience a problem. …....or click here to ask your own question.

- Happy Computering from The Computer Doctor!