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Computer Maintenance Tips

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Read below for some important Computering TIPS on keeping your computer properly maintained!

Computer maintenance is usually overlooked for most users. Most computers have fans inside them to cool off the inside workings. These fans pull air into the computer. In most cases the air is laden with dust. The dust hitches a ride inside of your computer with the air flow. Once the air is inside your computer's case it slows down. If you remember something about high school physics, once the volume of air slows down, the dust that was suspended in the air, falls out of suspension. That leaves the inside components of your computer covered with a layer of dust. If this layer of dust is thick enough it can choke out the delicate circuits and processors. Your main processor, also called the cpu, is at risk of overheating. At first the cpu will run slower to avoid producing any more heat which can kill it completely. This can slow down the operating system significantly. Should the cpu develop any further heat, your motherboard will shut the computer off to avoid destroying the costly central processor. If the board does not shut down the computer the cpu will simply burn itself out leaving your computer as nothing more then an expensive door stop. There is, however, an easy way to remedy the situation before it goes too far. Remove the access panels on your computer and use compressed air to blow out the fans, heat sinks, and the power supply. Never attempt to use a vacuum on any computer components, you may knock any of the small parts off of the motherboard and reduce the machine to a non working state. If you are not able or willing to clean your computer, we can help. Just give us a call today. …....or click here to ask your own question.

- Happy Computering from The Computer Doctor!