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Password Security Tips

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Read below for some important Computering TIPS on keeping your computer safe with password security!

Face it, we live in a world of digital devices and constant internet connectivity. This carries many advantages, but also leaves each one of us with a plethora of logons and passwords to remember for accounts, devices and email services. To make it difficult for criminals and nasty people to have access to all our private information we must resist the allure of easy passwords. One of the most popular passwords is 1234, another is simply password. While these may be the default passwords that we are set up with, we need to remember that these need to be changed to more secure passwords and phrases. Secure passwords should contain upper and lower case letters, they should contain numbers and one or more symbols. Things to avoid are making your passwords contain your name, birthday or other personal information. This should aide in keeping your most precious information secure. Another pitfall that people fall into when establishing passwords is having the same passwords for all devices, accounts and sites. You should be varying the passwords. I know, it makes things hard to remember when all your passwords are different, but it will help keep your information your own. The last thing to remember is to change your passwords on a regular basis. This will further help thwart attacks to your privacy. If your password has been compromised, and you change it, you may just keep your data safe. I don’t recall who said this, but it still rings true. Keep your passwords like you keep your underwear, change them often and never share them with anyone! If you have any questions about keeping your data secure, please don't hesitate to call us today. …....or click here to ask your own question.

- Happy Computering from The Computer Doctor!